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Call for Submissions

Do you—or does someone you know—have an interesting story about changing careers? If so, we want to add it to The Working Chronicles, the website where people share real-life stories about work. For a short time, we’ll accept written submissions from readers. We’ll publish the top stories on our blog and publicize them on Facebook and Twitter. Your story may also be included in a future book.

The rules:

Submit an article of 1,000 words or fewer, a photo if you have one, and a signed, scanned copy of the Submission Agreement to by September 18th, 2011. If you interview someone else, we’ll need a signed Storyteller’s Agreement to help ensure this is the real thing.

Details and suggestions:

We’ll accept autobiographical stories or interviews with someone else specifically on the topic of career transitions. We’re interested in hearing from people from all walks of life who work in the US, or are US citizens working outside the country. Though we like fiction as much as anyone, these stories need to be TRUE, and also interesting, inspiring, entertaining or perhaps just a big dose of reality. Write about:

  • What prompted the career change?
  • How did you/they navigate it?
  • What have been the rewards… and the regrets?

The story should be in the first-person, so if you’re interviewing someone else, you may want a digital recorder. Note that while we strive to retain the Storyteller’s voice, verbatim transcription is not essential. You have license to cut, rephrase to make sense, and alter the chronology so the story flows and the voice is clear and coherent. Photos are key, and we need at least one per story, but this could be arranged after your story is accepted.

If your story is accepted, we’ll let you know within two weeks after the deadline. If you have questions, please post them on the wall of our Facebook page.

We look forward to sharing your stories!

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  • Have a story about changing careers? We want to hear from you!
    For a short time we are accepting submissions from readers and will publish the top stories on our blog and possibly include in a book.
    We'll accept an autobiographical story or interview with someone else--check out the Submission Guidelines.

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